IG Sindh calls for foolproof security for Chehlum

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Sindh Mushtaq Mahar on Wednesday ordered the concerned officials to ensure foolproof security arrangements on the day of Chehlum.

Mahar asked for strict security measures to be ensured on the routes of the Chehlum processions and for the bomb disposal squad to check the routes.

The Sindh’s IG also called for the deployment of snipers over the high-rise buildings on the routes of the processions.

Earlier, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed had said that the administration will suspend mobile phone services on Chehlum for foolproof security. Suspension of mobile phone services is a part of security measures to avoid any untoward incident.

The Hazrat Imam Hussain’s Chehlum is to be observed on Tuesday, September 27.