Caretaker Chief Minister of Sindh, Justice (Retired) Muqoob Baqir, has issued directives for the repair and improvement of all major and minor roads in Karachi. During a meeting focused on civic facilities, the caretaker Chief Minister emphasized the need for comprehensive road improvement and a functioning drainage system in the city. The meeting was attended by the caretaker Minister of Local Government Sindh, Mayor Karachi, Chairman P&D, and other officials.

Justice (Retired) Maqbool Baqir expressed his intention to enhance the condition of all roads in the city and ensure the proper functioning of the drainage system. The Sindh Local Government Secretary, Manzoor Sheikh, provided a briefing during the meeting, highlighting that various towns in Karachi had submitted their development schemes.

The Secretary informed the caretaker Chief Minister about the revised drain scheme along the Autobahn road in Hyderabad, with an estimated cost of 476.9 million rupees. Emphasizing the importance of the Auto Bhan road and drain scheme in Hyderabad, Justice (Retired) Muqoob Baqir directed its prioritization.

During the meeting, the caretaker Chief Minister addressed the condition of Liaquatabad Supermarket, suggesting the construction of a high-rise market in its place. He directed the protection of tenants' rights in Liaquatabad Supermarket. Additionally, a grant of Rs. 5 crore was decided to be allocated to the Karachi Traffic Engineering Bureau.

The Municipal Secretary informed the caretaker Chief Minister about ongoing work on drain construction and obtaining details from all Town Municipal Committees (TMCs). The Secretary of Works reported on the initiation of drain construction projects.

Mayor Karachi, Murtaza Wahab, discussed various initiatives, including urban forestry and development schemes in different areas of the city. The caretaker Chief Minister directed the Solid Waste Management department to enhance sanitation efforts in Karachi, acknowledging the improvement reported in the South District.

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