Business leaders in Karachi are emphasizing the crucial role of the Safe City project in rejuvenating business activity and restoring investor confidence in Pakistan's economic powerhouse.

Noman Said, CEO of SI Global Solutions, draws parallels with Singapore's success, highlighting the potential transformative impact of enhanced security measures on Karachi's business landscape. He believes that improved surveillance and law enforcement capabilities will reduce crime rates, creating a safer environment for businesses and investors.

Eminent industrialist Riaz Uddin criticizes the Sindh government's perceived reluctance in prioritizing Karachi's safety, despite its economic significance. He notes the dissatisfaction among Karachiites with the city's safety compared to other cities like Islamabad and Lahore.

Liaquat Ali, another business leader, emphasizes the urgency of enhanced security measures, citing the exodus of residents from Karachi due to safety concerns.

Despite challenges, progress is underway with the Karachi Safe City (KSC) project, set to launch in the coming month. Divided into five phases, the project will involve installing state-of-the-art surveillance cameras monitored by control rooms across key areas of the city.

Ahmed Chinoy, Pakistan Stock Exchange Director, stresses the importance of safety and security in instilling confidence among businessmen and citizens. He acknowledges persistent street crimes but advocates for the Safe City project to effectively address these issues.

A senior police officer highlights the need for advanced surveillance technology, including facial recognition and artificial intelligence, to combat street crimes effectively. He emphasizes the importance of scaling up surveillance infrastructure to meet the demands of Karachi's urban landscape, proposing the installation of cameras equipped with facial recognition and AI capabilities for swift detection and apprehension of criminals.

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