Brain-eating disease Naegleria claims another life in Karachi

Fatal disese, Naegleria Fowleri has claimed another life in Karachi, taking the tally to four this year.

The deceased was a doctor, Dr. Majid, a neurologist in Karachi who lost the battle of his life against Naegleria in Karachi’s PNS Shifa hospital run by Pakistan Navy.

According to the Saama news, it is the fourth death of this year which is resulted by this brain-eating disease.

Sharing the details of the death, Ahmed said, Dr. Majid used to consume water from a tanker, the water of the tanker is found to have not chlorinated water when the sample was taken.

Dr.Majid developed mild symptoms of headache and fever on June 29, which later got intensified within 24 hours. He was taken to PNS Shifa where he was shifted in ICU after his health deteriorated on June 30.

Dr Majid fell unconscious and he was put on ventilator on July 01, he said. He was living in an apartment near Sunset Boulevard DHA Phase-ll.

An advisory has been issued to the Cantonment Board Clifton and DHA to make sure the underground tanks of the houses are chlorinated, also it has been instructed to the tanker operators to chlorinate water before providing it to the people.

Earlier a child of 8 years old fell prey to this disease and succumbed to death on Friday.

Zohaib, who was a resident of Shadman Town, developed mild symptoms of headache which later intensified into high temperature.

The reason of the death was this fatal disease Naegleria, states the medical repost.