Animals in Pakistan have borne the brunt of inhumane acts at the hands of people who don’t understand that they are an integral part of the ecosystem. 

Stray animals in particular have been victims of needless violence time and time again. Street dogs were regularly killed in order to reduce their population and prevent people from getting attacked or attaining rabies. 

Now, years after animal welfare organizations pleaded with the government to get involved in stopping culling once and for all, the light at the end of the tunnel finally shone. 

Recently, Founder and CEO of ACF Animal Rescue Ayesha Chundrigar visited the Marriot hotel to attend the launching ceremony of the Rabies Control Program by the Government of Sindh which is using the internationally recognized methods for dog population control, the same methods that ACF has been using through their TNVR program, vaccinating and neutering dogs instead of killing them at sight. 

The event marks a huge win for animals across Sindh as it is a step closer to a more tolerant environment for other species across the country.

Ayesha Chundrigar also commended the Sindh government's efforts to do thorough research on dog behavior and recognize that if our mindset towards animals won’t change, then the animal population will always struggle. 

Opening 41 centers across Sindh to kickstart this program will be a great feat and a new beginning for the beasts of burden all over the country. 

Chundrigar has also offered her help through ACF Animal Rescue, stating that they would particularly like to help in the changing of mindsets and educating others to understand that animals and humans can coexist, further explaining that dog bites don’t need to happen and are connected to human behavior and if once we acknowledge that we’ll be moving towards a better world for all.

After nearly a decade of persuading our society to see animals as living beings, ACF’s efforts are finally being recognized as their work once again bares fruit. Ayesha Chundrigar is still working on several other innovative ways to protect all living creatures while trying to help the ecosystem in whatever way possible, and ACF Animal Rescue regularly helps abused animals from all parts of Karachi.  

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