The alarming trend of robbery-related fatalities in Karachi has reached a grim milestone, with the death toll reaching 50 individuals this year alone.

Tragically, another citizen lost their life in a robbery incident today, marking the completion of fifty such deaths in Karachi since the beginning of the year.

Blaming the Sindh government for the surge in robberies, Hafiz Naeem, a prominent figure, has accused authorities of failing to address the issue effectively.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) East, the latest victim, Amjad, was targeted by robbers as he exited a bank in Gulish Mimar with a sum of money.

Reports indicate that Amjad sustained serious injuries from the robbers' gunfire, succumbing to his wounds upon arrival at the hospital.

Additionally, a bystander named Amanullah was also injured in the shooting, prompting law enforcement to initiate an investigation into the incident.

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