Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ramiz Raja recently claimed that a secret investor has promised him a blank cheque for investment in the PCB if the Green Shirts manage to defeat India in the October 24 showdown of the T20 World Cup.

Briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) on the matter, Raja said that the country needs a flourishing cricket economy so that it does not rely on the International Cricket Council (ICC) for funding.

"50 per cent of the PCB’s funding comes from the ICC and 90pc of the ICC’s revenue comes from India,” Raja said in the meeting, pointing toward the bias that the ICC has in favour of some countries.

Raja further said that the other problem with this arrangement is that if India were to stop funding the ICC, PCB may collapse completely. 

Furthermore, the chairman pointed out PCB has pledged no revenue to the ICC, which in turn weakens its standing in front of the council.

“I am determined to give PCB a stronger economic footing,” Raja said while announcing that an investor has pledged a blank cheque to the board if Pakistan manages to beat India in the upcoming match.

“If our cricket economy is strong, we won’t be used and then binned by teams like England and New Zealand. To make Pakistan the best cricket team and the best cricket economy are [my] two big challenges.”

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