Sindh Minister for Transportation Awais Shah has announced that the prototype for the provincial government’s Peoples’ Bus Project is nearly complete.

Taking to Twitter to make the announcement, Shah said that 250 hybrid busses will be manufactured by Higher Bus Corporation for Sindh.

Earlier this week, Murtaza Wahab had said that the bus project will become functional very soon and bring ease to the people of Karachi as the city gravely lacks a mass transit project.

The announcement for the project was made in the last quarter of the last year, around the time when the federal government’s Green Line Bus Rapid Transit project was nearing its completion.

However, even after the announcement, people did not believe that the project will come to fruition and representatives of the opposition had questioned the Sindh transport minister’s intention of completing it in the assembly.

Soon after the raging debate at the assembly, Shah had announced that the contract for making the busses had already been awarded and that the provincial government intends to make the project functional in 2022.

The government is yet to formally announce an inauguration date for the project. However, if Wahab and Shah are to be taken for their word, the project would be completed by the end of January.

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