Nazimabad residents make example out of gang in burglary bid

A gang of burglars allegedly broke into a Nazimabad house for the dacoity bid that was thwarted by house residents who raised a cry for help.

According to the reports run on local media on the event, the six dacoits who  planned and conducted an alleged robbery in said house were caught by local area residents after the house members raised an alarm and sought help.

The locals gathered around the victim house after much uproar and, as the alleged robbers finished with robbery bid and made their way out, they ambushed them.

While two of the alleged gang successfully fled the scene, remaining four alleged burglars were cornered by the locals whom and were thrashed until Police arrived at the scene.

The local police rescued the four burglars from vexed locals’ assault and arrested them for further legal proceedings.

With the arrival of police, the locals retreated and allowed the personnel to take lead and detain the suspects and whatever was in the latter’s possession.