Karachi’s 70-year-old smashes 18 apples with 1 hand, makes world record

Naseemuddin, a 70-year-old blacksmith from Karachi, on Thursday made a unique world record by smashing 18 apples with one hand.

The record was previously held by an English citizen who had managed to smash 13 apples.

At 70, Naseem has become Pakistan’s oldest world record holder. Naseemuddin has been welding for forty-five years.

Guinness World Records has already approved the record by mail, sending Naseemuddin a certificate for his achievement. The Guinness World Records website has also released the details of the record.

After making the record, Naseemuddin said that he has worked with iron all his life so his hand feels like it is an extension of the metal. He said wanted me to make Pakistan famous. He dedicated the record to the Pakistan cricket team.

Naseemuddin is the father of Muhammad Rashid Naseem, a martial arts and 73 world record holder for Pakistan, while his granddaughter also set a world record at the age of just seven.