Karachi pipeline bursts near Dhabeji, suspends water supply to large parts

The power breakdown at Dhabeji Pumping Station has caused to burst the major 72-inch pipeline meant to deliver water to Karachi following which the supply has been suspended.

According to the details on the incident, water in large quantities is being wasted and is accumulating in the adjacent residential areas that has submerged the roads and disconnected the road link in the region.

The sources privy to details earlier shared the repair work hadn’t begun on the line but soon after, the water board budged and said mending of the gutted line shall begin from tomorrow while the suspension of Karachi water supply in parts can span up to 72 hours.

Repair work on the affected lines is set to begin Wednesday 8 pm and will continue at least until March 6, the water board said.

Area of Karachi including Bin Qasim Town, Manzil Pump, Muzaffarabad Colony, Malir Town, Jinnah Terminal CAA, etc. will remain affected completely.

On the other hand, Landhi, Shah Faisal, and Model Colony will suffer suspension in parts as Managing Director Water Board Asad Ullah Khan said the repair is unavoidable and advised the residents of said area to reserve water for few days.