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All Pakistan Basketball Tournament returns to Karachi after 15 years

Karachi is set to host the All Pakistan Basketball Tournament after a 15-year hiatus, starting from May 28 at the Scouts Club Golestan Johar. The prestigious event has been named in honor of Abdul Lansir and Majid Khan and will feature ten teams from across the country.

This year’s tournament includes participation from teams representing all four provinces and six major institutions. Three teams from Sindh will also be competing in the event.

A three-member selection committee, comprising Wasimur Rahman, Azim Shan, and Dilip Singh, has been responsible for selecting the teams. The committee finalized the participating teams after rigorous trials, ensuring that the best talent will be on display.

Basketball enthusiasts in Karachi and beyond eagerly anticipate this tournament, which promises to revive the sport’s popularity and competitive spirit in the region.

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